Re-Storation Land Floor Plan First Stage
Re-Storation Land Floor Plan Second Stage
Re-Storation Land Floor Plan Top View with Designated Venues
Re-Storation Land Physical Model
 The Land would go through a branding transformation since it would take place after the events of the movie.  The name of the land is RE.STORATION, meaning that once again the restoration of planet earth begins.  Buy N Large would change their ways and rebrand themselves as Save N Large and at the same time sponsor Wall-E and Eve on their new journey.  The Axiom ship would be repurposed for this journey and renames ad Bios after the greek word meaning life and after the firmware booting process
Land Live Itinerary Sign
Land Entrance Sign coming from Nemo & Friends
Land Main Hub Sign.
Earth Once Again - Ride Facade
Earth Once Again - Ride Vehicle Concepts
Earth Once Again - Merchandise Shop
Droids Academy with Eve Ride -  Logo Study
Droids Academy with Eve Ride -  Ride Vehicle Concept
Droids Academy with Eve Ride -  Merchandise Shop
Mo & Co Quick Serve Restaurant - Logo Study
Cast Members Attire
Informational Illustrations for the land
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