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Floor Plan
 The Facade displays the Galley-La Company building and guest will be able to see the Straw Hat Crew's Ship the "Thousand Sunny". The Ship will act as a Winnie.
 Once guests board the ship they will go through all the rooms of the Straw Hat Crew members. Since these characters live in this ship each aisle leading to their room will be designed with objects that the characters are recognized for and have collected in their travels. It also functions as a way to indicate the guest what character they are about to meet.
 When guests arrive to the room they will have an interaction with the characters by the use of Digital Puppeteering. They will be greeted and explained what kind of journey they are about to take before being interrupted by the Straw Hat Crew's Captain who makes a mess out of the room since he is looking for something. He never explains and just leaves since he can't find what he is looking for. It is up to the guests to help the Crew members to fix the room before finding out what is wrong with the Captain. The game will begin and will use a mixture of motion and light sensing technology. This same sequence will be repeated  in each character's room with diferent interaction and technologies until arriving to the dock.
 Once guests go through all the crew members rooms they end up in the dock where all the crew members gather with the captain to figure out what is wrong. They find out that the iconic Straw Hat has disappeared. It is then that the crew along with the captain invite the guests to help them find the hat after they see a bird flying with the hat. The doors of the dock open and guests are invited to the load area to start they voyage.
Warning / Safety Sign
Height Sign
Entrance / U.Express Signage
Clock Design for Entrance
Signage Entrance Assembly
Chicken Exit Sign
Exit Sign
Pole Signs
Direction Pole Sign
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