Reimagined Fantasmic Logo 1
Reimagined Fantasmic Logo 2
Phrase Illustration and Type Treatment
Show Illustration
Maleficent Jacket Illustrations - Detail
Maleficent Jacket Illustrations - Detail
T-Shirt Design Concept 1
T-Shirt Design Concept 2
Varsity Jacket Concept 1
Varsity Jacket Concept 2
Costume Concepts
  Maleficent Horns Hat   Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber for the Outer Shell  Composite Shell, Softer outer layer and Stiffer Inner Layer       Mickey's Light Up Bust   Concept in which Mickey is holding the Sword to fight his nightmare  the design has elements of the conflict which include the hill in which he  stands and the water surrounding him. The tip of the sword lights up.   
Star Shaped Lamp Concept & Sorcerer Hat Lamp Concept
Merchandise Vehicle Assembled
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